A professional career is of paramount importance in the life of every human being. So choose it carefully. If you want to become a highly competent investment banker, then follow the practical advice in this article to achieve this.

Study in the field

Before becoming an expert investment banker, it is mandatory to study banking and finance at university. For example, you cannot study health science and claim to be an investment banker, so you must have a degree in banking and finance or another equivalent field. To be very successful, it is advisable to go at least to the level of BAC + 5 to obtain the Master. You should make sure that you enrol in a competent university, recognised by the state in the field. It is also advisable to take additional training in commercial law to master certain aspects of the profession.

Doing academic and professional internships

During your university studies, you should take part in academic internships in order to combine practice with theory. It is during practice that you become aware of certain realities that can never be experienced in theory. After graduation, you have to go on an internship again. This time it will be a work placement. This internship can be paid or unpaid, the important thing is to acquire skills to become more successful. It is recommended to do the internships in reference structures, with a certain reputation. This allows you to improve your skills and enrich your CV.

Integrate professional networks and get more training

To become an expert, you really need to improve your skills. To do this, the investment banker must regularly participate in seminars run by expert investment bankers. Because during these seminars, he will discover not only the new realities and opportunities of his profession, but also new contacts and relationships to expand his professional network. Finally, the banker must have a legal practice recognised by his state. This reassures clients and gives them confidence.  



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