Studying in France is a headache. It requires opportunity and investment.  You can do without all this trouble if you have the right plans.  In this article, we offer you some plans.


You’ve probably heard of it once.  It is a financing scheme developed by the Agence Campus France. Through this institution, foreign students gain the chance to study in France.  Campus Bourses receives support from various sources. Both French and foreign governmental institutions are involved.  European and/or international organisations participate. Companies and local authorities are not left out.


You can therefore apply for Campus France grants.  We do not reassure you that you will find your type of scholarship with it. In other words, despite the many scholarship opportunities, this is not a complete list.

Scholarships from French embassies abroad


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for awarding scholarships to applicants here. If you wish to study in France, be informed of available scholarships, provide a file. Before submitting your application, find out about the eligibility requirements. Contact the French embassy in your country. At the embassy, contact the SCAC (Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle).

The different types of scholarship

You will have several scholarship options depending on your projects.  If you want to obtain a higher degree in a higher education institution. Then apply for a scholarship for this purpose by following the protocol. For internships, scholarships ranging from 3 to 12 months are available. For scientific or cultural research, apply for grants of 1 to 3 months.

What can also prevent you from studying in France is accommodation. So to get the odds on your side, apply for housing grants. This is an easy process. Once you have accommodation, the Caisse d’allocation familiale can finance 3/4 of your rent. So please do your research to make the necessary arrangements.




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